Handling pavement encroachment

Recently, the Urban Order Teams of Tan Phong and Tan Phu Wards have patrolled and handled some street vendors who encroached the pavement in Phu My Hung City Center.

On April 18, there were 12 cases of violating the roadside encroachment. The Urban Order Teams were handled 3 street vendors, kept 01 air compressor, 01 bicycle, 6 signboards, 20 tables and chairs, 8 umbrellas.

Previously, on April 14, there were 7 cases of sidewalk encroachment recorded. The Urban Order Teams were handled 6 advertising signboards and 1 trolley selling bread. On April 4, they handled 6 cases of street vendors who used trolleys selling food and drinks, kept some signboards, tables and chairs, parasols.

Every day, Phu My Hung Security Team coordinates with the Urban Order Team to remind people not to gather for street vendors, encroach the sidewalk in order to keep the urban beauty and safety for road users.

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